A platform built to take back your fans.

Artists, managers, labels, and brands use our tools to build
native mobile experiences which bring them closer to their biggest fans.

But for real, wtf is FANSI?
We turn a fan’s phone into a modern digital VIP pass. Our white-labelled and branded apps for artists & bands bring event access, one-click payments for merch,  fanclub subscriptions, digital goods, virtual goods, VIP tickets, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences to a fan’s pocket.
Carefully crafted features take the weight off you.
You’re working your tail off. We know this. Everything we build (like our video & photo app) make it easier for you to post directly to your fanclub, AND socials at the same time.
Works on everything 🙏
It just works.. Web, iOS, Android.. Everything’s
intergrated and works seamlessly. It’s kinda magical.
Some facts.
Our background is in social and mobile games & music.  We think about the music industry differently.
Hosted on the Google Cloud platform, our tech stack is the same as Spotify’s and Gmail’s. We can scale up to millions of fans.
Partnered with the world's greatest fan service companies, we take a fan from app, to live event, to VIP and back again, seamlessly.
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"Fan.si has developed a business that paves the way for the future of artist-to-fan engagement, giving fans access to their favorite artists in ways that they’ve never had before."

Andrew Gertler - Shawn Mendes' Manager